From holidays to festivals and day trips to nights out, summer gives us plenty of opportunity to branch out with our makeup, or – as we like to call it – our facial art.


In 2017 though, summer makeup trends are the most inventive yet – the makeup gurus among us never seem to run out of ideas!


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, they figure out a new way to revolutionise day-to-day power makeup, or invent a technique that makes us all look like happy human unicorns. In the best way possible.


From glitter lips to feathered brows, here are the latest summer makeup trends we’re crushing on. Which is your fave?


Eyebrow Trends 2017

The days of thin eyebrows – if you even remember them – seem like another world now don’t they? This season, as expected, large boyish brows are here to stay and we’re super-pleased about it.


As your mum always said; eyebrows frame your face, but they also provide an extra focus for our makeup imagination.

Feather eyebrows 

This crazy yet beautiful trend was launched by makeup artist Stella Sironen, who praises her friend Leevi for thinking it up while he was brushing her eyebrows. What do you think?


You’ll find Stella’s Instagram account here.



Coloured eyebrows 

Coloured eyebrows have been around for a while but they’re still popping up on catwalks and Insta posts all over the place. Love it or hate it, rainbow brows make a pretty strong statement. Gorgeous for festivals too!



Lipstick Colours and Trends 2017

We talk through our lips and we also use them for eating, drinking and kissing. Such a key player on your face deserves to be well-dressed!

Glitter Lips

Here at Jane, we’re like magpies for loving bright, shiny things. And it seems we aren’t alone when it comes to the glitter lips trend!


These coloured glitter lip kits make your pout look amazing, they last for ages and you won’t have a mouth full of bits either. We’re so for making this a daily style.


Brown Lipstick

Popular in the ‘90s, brown lipstick made some people cringe for a while after they stopped wearing it – it felt like they’d made such a fashion faux pas. It just goes to show, any trend can come back. Look at Kylie Jenner rocking this cocoa-coloured lip.



Complexion Trends 2017

Natural makeup

It’s not surprising really that the natural makeup look survives when it comes to summer skin.


Whether you choose to minimise the eyes, mouth and brows too, or you use some of the tips above to really GO for it, natural-looking makeup application is practically a must in summer to avoid melted face.


Since she started showcasing her new style, Miley Cyrus has been Queen of this look. In short, you are using minimal foundation, concealer and powder (and so on) to give the illusion you aren’t wearing any at all! Genius.



One size fits all cosmetics & coloured temples

The next two trends can go hand-in-hand or separately – either option will leave you looking breath-taking.


Create a stunning overall complexion by using the same colour – or even the same product – for multiple areas of your face. This technique has been used recently on spring/summer Kenzo catwalks, as seen here, with red lipstick multitasking on the lips and cheeks.


Go one step further – also repped on Kenzo catwalks – and brush your temples with the same colour à la the ‘80s.



Do you think we’ve missed an on-point trend from the list? Do you think some people have been indulging their creativity a little too much? Chat to us about all things makeup and style on Facebook, and head over to Jane Norman for your fashion fix today.